Jordan was written and recorded as a re-affirmation of self. A reminder that we fly around the sun every year because of our innate greatness. Jordan was also written as a proclamation of black. A reminder that the skin is a gift from God, for the soul to live comfortably in.

"Jordan is a melting pot of soul, R&B and futuristic rap production, all of which swirls around Lã's instantly warming guitar licks. In it, Lawal gets deep and spiritual as he celebrates life and his own heritage through his high-concept lyricism. A bold and head-turning opening gambit, our interest in the rest of the EP has definitely been piqued.”

- Complex UK


A Man & Amora

A Man & Amora, a 2-song mixtape released in February 2018. The project includes remixes of ‘Chanel’ by Frank Ocean and ‘Neu Roses’ by Daniel Caesar.

The mixtape in question is a 2 track project that shows his profound writing style deeply rooted in introspectiveness and spiritualism. The first song "A Man" is a reworking of Frank Ocean's "Chanel" which sees the young artist dwelling on God, love and everything in between. He acknowledges his shortcomings as he sings "...See I'm just a man I spent years being selfish, Needy faces that I neglected These the flaws that we inherit See I'm just a man…" . The second song "Amora" is a revamp of Daniel Ceasar's "Neu Roses", this track has more of a mellow, funk feel to it and as the title suggests tadé craftily delivers an ode to his significant other with his signature offbeat delivery.

- Earmilk



While attending the Music Industry Arts program, Idris and a group of friends / his band recorded a 4-song project as class assignments. Idris would call the band tadé (a shortened version of his middle name and inspired by Nigerian/British legend Sade). The 4-song project would later be releases as tadé’s debut EP 'Omo' on April 5, 2017.

‘Omo’ is Yoruba and can be directly translated to ‘Child’. Conceptually, it is a 4-song project that touches on youth, love and growth. Embedded within the EP is a story of a boy who comes of age, finds love and purpose. Sonically, the EP combines elements of hip-hop, world music, afro music and r&b creating a truly unique sound.